About us

[ won – der – luhst ](n.) A strong desire to travel and explore the world.

Australian photographer Linda Moschos started creating wanderlust wall art prints whilst travelling through Europe.
This photographer’s story began in a high-school photography darkroom, developing black and white film and prints.
Linda fell in love with taking pictures and watching them freeze time. Linda has worked in the photography industry taking portraits and working commercially with products and brands. In addition to her passion for photography, Linda then went on to become a fitness instructor, eventually running her own wellness studio in Sydney.
Fast forward more than 20 years, Linda is currently living her dream. She is passionate in combining her love of photography, nature and travel, to bring Wanderlust to your walls.

My photography is influenced by the feeling of WANDERLUST; a strong desire to travel and explore the world.

The places I have visited, along with the experience of these locations, inspired me to translate that feeling of wanderlust into a print.

My vision is for that print to inspire others to look forward to something ahead, and even to create nostalgia of a place they have already been.


After the past few years of living in Australia with little opportunity to travel, Linda and Neal craved a new adventure!
Ending a chapter in their lives of running their wellness studio in Sydney. They packed up their home, and booked a flight to Europe for 6 months.
“I knew I needed to explore the world, and capture the amazing destinations we were heading to. All I needed to inspire me to create, was take off and do it!”
The couple are now back in Australia, with a purpose of creating wall art prints for the walls of those who need wanderlust inspiration!