Augmented Reality

You can use our augmented reality tools to:

  • Virtually view our prints on your wall, in real time, simply through the camera lens of your smart phone or tablet.
  • Select art prints and framing options to suit the colour palette of your interior styling.
  • Try before you buy, and to assist you in choosing the perfect print size to suit your wall space.

Here is a quick video demonstration for each of our augmented reality options VIEW IN AR and TRY IN ROOM.
You will find each of these options on all of our art print product pages.

How to use VIEW IN AR

Key Features:

  • View our prints in real time using Augmented Reality.
  • You virtually get to see what the artwork looks like in your own space.
  • This option utilises the ArtPlacer AR App, which is connected directly to our online gallery.

How to use TRY IN ROOM

Key Features:

  • View our prints on your wall, using a photo of your wall space.
  • You will be able to view our prints with the various framing options.
  • You will be able to resize prints to suit your wall.
  • You will be able to access our gallery using this option.
  • This option does not require the ArtPlacer AR App.
Start exploring prints

Here is a customer review after using our Augmented Reality TRY IN ROOM option, used to select our Puglia Rockpool canvas print.

“I wanted to choose a minimal print, and I loved all the photos, so it was hard to choose. Using the TRY IN ROOM option made it so much easier to view my favourite prints in different frames, so I could find the best artwork to match my interior.”

Stacey, Owner at Dazed Cafe Mortlake


BEFORE – Screenshot using our TRY IN ROOM option


AFTER – Photo of our Framed Canvas Print on their wall